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The government removed one of the most progressive and innovative suggestions on increasing organ donation rates-presumed consent.

Presumed consent has met with great success in jurisdictions where it has been implemented. Organ donation awareness increases as does the organs that come available for transplant. Individuals for any reason can opt out of this program.


The background to this petition is as follows:

1. The people of Manitoba support organ donation as it improves and even saves lives.  Despite this, the demand for organ donations far exceeds the availability of organs.

2. The Gift of Life Act, introduced by the MLA for Assiniboia, should be supported as it ensures and recognizes the greater public good associated with organ donation.

3. The Gift of a Life Act applies only for organ and tissue donation, and does not apply to scientific research or any other purpose.

4. Although the public overwhelmingly supports organ donation, only a tiny percent sign donor cards and new efforts needs to be made to increase donation rates.

5. Presumed consent has increased organ donations in jurisdictions where it has been implemented, as it assumes that everyone is willing to donate their organs unless they opt out for any reason.

6. It is disappointing that the Provincial Government refuses to even consider presumed consent as an option to increase the quality of life of all Manitobans. 


We petition the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba as follows:


To urge the Provincial Government to support the passage of the Gift of a Life Act and/or its intentions.

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