A "Made in Manitoba" Mining Disaster

Pallister's 2018 budget ignores key driver of jobs, investment and royalty revenue in favour of a carbon tax

So called 'economic development' strategies are dead end NDP policy...

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Gift of Life Act

Sadly, the government immediately removed one of the most progressive and innovative suggestions on increasing organ donation rates-presumed consent.

Presumed consent has met with great success in jurisdictions where it has been implemented. Organ donation awareness increases as does the organs that come available for transplant. Individuals for any reason can opt out of this program.

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Hydro concerns aren't going away

Money laundering is illegal. This nefarious process takes “dirty” money and launders it “clean” in the eyes of the law. It is as old as the hills.

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Citizens' Inquiry - Manitoba Hydro

A Citizens’ Inquiry into Manitoba Hydro has begun at the Manitoba Legislature.

Manitoba Hydro has been plagued with decision making over the last 15 years that has resulted in higher hydro rates, a $25 billion debt, a massive excess in supply of power generation with no market to sell the power to.

Political interference, poor management, questionable accounting methods, and flimsy market forecasting have all lead to an unprecedented financial fiasco with Manitoba Hydro.

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