Gerrymandering Electoral Boundaries

Political appointees meddling with where you vote

Can you predict who will win the next provincial election?

Did you know there may be meddling to influence the outcome – that some results may be pre-determined?

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Assisted dying legislation is part of a modern, healthy democracy

In his second article, Steven Fletcher responds to the other essays in our assisted-dying series

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Dying with dignity is the biggest shift in morality in a generation

Canada’s example has lessons for other countries, says Steven Fletcher

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Friends of Sturgeon Creek - Letter to Hon. Steven Fletcher

"The Board of Directors of Friends of Sturgeon Creek would like to thank you for your support in the opposition of the City of Winnipeg sale of the Vimy Arena."

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Do you also oppose a Carbon Tax?

An overwhelming response to my Axe the Carbon Tax petition! Thank you for standing with me to oppose the Made in Manitoba Carbon Tax. 

Sign here!

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B.C. tricked Canadian politicians into believing its carbon tax policy works. It doesn't

Combined with the coming endless Hydro hikes, the Pallister Carbon Tax will create a cost-of-living crisis for you and the majority of Manitoban families.

It's not too late for the premier to cancel this useless and destructive cash grab, and take Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna to court, together with our anti Carbon Tax friends in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.
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New conflict of interest rules recommended

This is exactly what I've been saying..!

"There have been no substantive changes to the Manitoba conflict of interest act in 30 years, with the exception of adding a commissioner.

I have long stated in this place that this act needs to be reformed. I introduced legislation in the last session; nothing was done. I – and I introduced a motion in the last sessi on, a resolution; nothing has been done. And I'm going to do this again in hopes that we will update the conflict of interest legislation to reflect the expectations and realities of the 21st century."

~ Hon Steven Fletcher

November 2017 Official Hansard Transcript

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Reply to Budget 2018 - Carbon Tax scheme

A carbon tax is like a Manitoba mosquito. It is annoying, it's like a blood‑sucking parasite that spreads disease and illness and makes people sick, and what do Manitobans do with mosquitoes?

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Stand with Steven

Fletcher’s willingness to speak truth to power is remarkable.


~ Canadian Taxpayers Federation

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