Reply to Budget 2018 - Carbon Tax scheme

A carbon tax is like a Manitoba mosquito. It is annoying, it's like a blood‑sucking parasite that spreads disease and illness and makes people sick, and what do Manitobans do with mosquitoes?

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Stand with Steven

Fletcher’s willingness to speak truth to power is remarkable.


~ Canadian Taxpayers Federation

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Feds to collect separate green tax in Manitoba

I am the only Manitoba MLA against the carbon tax.

MB gov. should never have allowed themselves to be complicit on the carbon tax.

The MB 25$ / Mt looks doubly foolish -- simply shows the MB plan is a complete screw up. 

#mbpoli #AxeTheCarbonTax #TheLastTory

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Pallister odd conservative man out on carbon tax

As the only Manitoba MLA who has been unequivocal in opposing the Carbon Tax, I will stand for your family in the fight against this tax grab.

#AxeTheCarbonTax #TheLastTory

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The Workplace Safety and Health Amendment Act 🔥👠


Private Member's Bill

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Resignation Letter - Manitoba Hydro board

It is turning out to be a big week for Manitoba Hydro, and not a good one.

And not a good time for the Pallister government in particular.

Wednesday morning the entire Manitoba Hydro Board resigned.

You read that right:  Brian Pallister’s hand-picked Board effectively passed motion of no confidence against the premier.

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Pallister Government in Crisis as MB Hydro Board Votes Non Confidence in Premier

Steven Fletcher was kicked out of cabinet for opposing Brian Pallister's mismanagement of MB Hydro, the introduction of a carbon tax and the creation of a new Crown corporation.
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9 members of the Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board step down

In a statement it says they have attempted to meet with the premier to resolve issues related to finance, governance and Manitoba Hydro’s efforts to develop its relations with Indigenous people.

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Cabinet ministers give themselves a break on pay cuts

The best way to improve service & lower cost is to support my Bill to reduce the number of MLA’s. If an MLA seat disappears does anyone notice? Cabinet ministers give themselves a break on pay cuts.




Larry Kusch

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