Why I Resigned My CPC Membership

Today I resign my membership in the Conservative Party of Canada. I do so with a heavy heart but with principle, good public policy and a better Canada as my goal. Membership in the Conservative Party of Canada has proven to be useless.

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Carbon Tax Axed!

Premier Pallister Finally Admits He’s Wrong

But what will he replace lost Carbon Tax revenue with -- higher Cannabis Taxes and increased Hydro rates?

How will he keep his promise to cut the PST?

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Saving Lives & Money -- It's Possible!

I wrote this piece after visiting Aurora Recovery Centre.

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Corrections to Min Squires letter on Carbon Tax

This paper by the government earned an F, I've also corrected all of the false and misleading information with red pen for the benefit of ALL Manitobans.


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Searching for fairness in the carbon tax

Interesting perspective on the negative nature of the carbon tax and other policies. #mbpoli #TheLastTory #ManitobaParty

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Gerrymandering Electoral Boundaries

Political appointees meddling with where you vote

Can you predict who will win the next provincial election?

Did you know there may be meddling to influence the outcome – that some results may be pre-determined?

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Assisted dying legislation is part of a modern, healthy democracy

In his second article, Steven Fletcher responds to the other essays in our assisted-dying series

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Dying with dignity is the biggest shift in morality in a generation

Canada’s example has lessons for other countries, says Steven Fletcher

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Friends of Sturgeon Creek - Letter to Hon. Steven Fletcher

"The Board of Directors of Friends of Sturgeon Creek would like to thank you for your support in the opposition of the City of Winnipeg sale of the Vimy Arena."

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Do you also oppose a Carbon Tax?

An overwhelming response to my Axe the Carbon Tax petition! Thank you for standing with me to oppose the Made in Manitoba Carbon Tax. 

Sign here!

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