Fletcher introduces new Indigenous Representation Act

This election reform bill will create 4 new ridings that exists on top of the currently existing 57. None of the 57 other ridings will be modified for this bill. During a provincial election, you will have the option of voting on 1 of 2 ballots. The 1st ballot will be no different from the already existing ballots for provincial elections, where you vote for representatives from parties. The 2nd ballot will have independent candidates of indigenous heritage. You may vote on only 1 of these ballots, never both. The voters may be of any heritage, but candidates must be of indigenous heritage. For more information, read on.

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Speech from The Last Tory

As a general philosophy, I will be approaching issues with compassion, fiscal responsibility and on environmental issues, as a right-of-centre naturalist.

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Fletcher Forum December 2018

Hope to see you at the next Fletcher Forum!

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Fletcher Forum

Thank you for participating! Please join us again at upcoming Fletcher Forums!



Commentary: Mining industry in Manitoba is near collapse

Mining in Manitoba is vanishing like an early morning fog. The mining industry is near collapse in the keystone province, while I continue to raise the mining crisis in the provincial legislature to no avail.

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Why I Resigned My CPC Membership

Today I resign my membership in the Conservative Party of Canada. I do so with a heavy heart but with principle, good public policy and a better Canada as my goal. Membership in the Conservative Party of Canada has proven to be useless.

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Carbon Tax Axed!

Premier Pallister Finally Admits He’s Wrong

But what will he replace lost Carbon Tax revenue with -- higher Cannabis Taxes and increased Hydro rates?

How will he keep his promise to cut the PST?

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Saving Lives & Money -- It's Possible!

I wrote this piece after visiting Aurora Recovery Centre.

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Corrections to Min Squires letter on Carbon Tax

This paper by the government earned an F, I've also corrected all of the false and misleading information with red pen for the benefit of ALL Manitobans.


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Searching for fairness in the carbon tax

Interesting perspective on the negative nature of the carbon tax and other policies. #mbpoli #TheLastTory #ManitobaParty

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