Fletcher introduces new Indigenous Representation Act

This election reform bill will create 4 new ridings that exists on top of the currently existing 57. None of the 57 other ridings will be modified for this bill. During a provincial election, you will have the option of voting on 1 of 2 ballots. The 1st ballot will be no different from the already existing ballots for provincial elections, where you vote for representatives from parties. The 2nd ballot will have independent candidates of indigenous heritage. You may vote on only 1 of these ballots, never both. The voters may be of any heritage, but candidates must be of indigenous heritage. For more information, read on.


 Fletcher introduces The Indigenous Representation Act 

Aim to increase Indigenous involvement in provincial governance 

[Winnipeg, MB April 8, 2019] Steven Fletcher, MLA for Assiniboia and leader of the Manitoba Party will present The Indigenous Representation Act to the Manitoba Legislature today. 

“This historic, ground-breaking legislation is designed to help address the challenges Manitoba and Canada have in representing Indigenous people,” said Fletcher. 

Inspired by the electoral system of New Zealand, which has guaranteed parliamentary seats for the Maori people since 1867, The Indigenous Representation Act has been advanced to provide the Aboriginal and Metis residents of Manitoba with a voice in government. 

“Every day, there are news stories about how the Canadian governments of the past let the Indigenous peoples of Canada down,” said Fletcher. "All agree that Canada needs to embrace Reconciliation to make the future better for all Manitobans and Canadians. Guaranteed Indigenous representation in the Legislature will help in the reconciliation process in ensuring Indigenous peoples have the ability to directly influence the governance of our province. A favourable vote in the Legislature will allow The Indigenous Representation Act to go to second reading and allow for a substantial public consultation.” 

The Act will see the creation of four additional MLA seats, representing geographical regions of Manitoba, for Indigenous representation. 

“Ultimately this act will see the creation of four new MLA seats to be represented exclusively by Indigenous Manitobans,” said Fletcher. “The Act also cuts MLA salaries and expense accounts so the proposed 61 MLAs will cost the same as 57 MLAs.” 

With representation comes the ability for Indigenous Manitoba’s to influence and develop public policy as well as ensuring the government of Manitoba acts responsibly, accountability and transparency in representing all Manitobans, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous 

"I hope all MLAs and stakeholders will challenge, critique and improve this proposed legislation," said Fletcher. "This is a new initiative which deserves to be heard." 


Indigenous Representation Act

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