Carbon Tax Axed!

Premier Pallister Finally Admits He’s Wrong

But what will he replace lost Carbon Tax revenue with -- higher Cannabis Taxes and increased Hydro rates?

How will he keep his promise to cut the PST?

Hate to say we told you so, but Manitoba Party Leader Steven Fletcher warned the Premier not to do his carbon tax.
The Manitoba Party is the only political party opposing the Carbon Tax in this province. The Premier’s decision to scrap his Carbon Tax has only vindicated our position.
The Premier owes ALL Manitobans an apology for creating uncertainty, worry, and fear about a crushing tax on everything and rising prices especially on fuel and energy.
Why did he do this? Why didn’t he stand up to Trudeau in the beginning?
This smacks of opportunism. Our guess is the Premier has polls showing that Justin Trudeau is in trouble with his Carbon Tax.
And now that other real Conservatives in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and New Brunswick have stood up to the Prime Minister to fight the carbon tax, the Premier has suddenly found some courage and wants to ride those principled Conservatives’ coattails.
But the Premier has got a BIG problem. He has been building his budgets around the BILLIONS he was planning to collect from his Pallister Carbon Tax over the years.
And his biggest immediate problem is how will he keep his promise to cut the PST?
Yet another question is what NEW TAX or TAXES will the Premier raise to pay for his spending promises?
Is he going to raise taxes on cannabis even higher? Is he going to raise Hydro rates even higher? Or will he borrow even more money, putting Manitobans even deeper in debt? Is this the way he will pay for his promise to cut the PST.
Last week the Pallister PCs were fundraising around their Carbon Tax. Can we assume they were not flooded with donations? 
It’s obvious the Premier has thrown Minister of Sustainable Development Rochelle Squires under the bus with his abandonment of the Pallister Carbon Tax she was working so hard to promote.

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