A "Made in Manitoba" Mining Disaster

Pallister's 2018 budget ignores key driver of jobs, investment and royalty revenue in favour of a carbon tax

So called 'economic development' strategies are dead end NDP policy...

So called 'economic development' strategies are dead end NDP policy...

The Pallister government released its 2018 budget this week.

Budgets outline the government's priorities for the coming year.

Manitoba's mining sector has historically been the most important economic engine after agriculture.

This year, with the sector in serious decline as noted by major think tanks like the Fraser Institute, mining was virtually ignored in the budget. 

Here is the sole reference in the document:  

"Our government is changing that reality through our Look North economic development strategy, a viable, long-term plan for sustained economic growth and prosperity for people in the North.

"We are working to increase tourism and mining activity."

Mining to the Pallister government is an afterthought.  

Tourism in our spectacular north is a microscopic part of the economy, much as it still has untapped potential.  To lump it in with a major resource sector like mining is negligent at best.

And "economic development" is NDP philosophy -- C/conservatives once believed a free or freer economy developed itself if government got out of the way.  

Not only is the Pallister government not getting out of the industry's way, it is outright ignoring them to the peril of our jobs and the royalties mining contributes to government revenue.

It seems the Pallister Progressives are more content to replace mining royalties with a Carbon Tax, which itself discourages mining companies from investing and creating jobs here.

So-called "economic development" strategies are dead end NDP policy, the results of which we are living with now:  the closure of the Klondex gold mine in Bisset, even as that precious metal is rising rapidly in price; and the shut down of nickel operations as Ottawa turns Manitoba's nickel belt, the envy of the world, into a national park, without a peep from Pallister's people.

While this premier and Blaine Pedersen, the irresponsible minister for mining, fiddle with failed NDP policy approaches, a "made in Manitoba" mining disaster is unfolding in the province.

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